Know closely how Las Terceras develops its selected Manchego Cheeses

In order to approach the production process of our product to cheese lovers, Las Terceras opens its doors to the public .

Nuestro edificio principal, donde elaboramos nuestros quesosLa calidad de vida de nuestro ganado factor clave en la calidad de la leche

Finca Las Terceras guided tour is a journey through the history and culture of Manchego cheese from the hand of a family cheese factory whose tradition still lingers. Visitors can see our craftsmen working on the texture, aroma and flavor of different Las Terceras manchego cheeses, they will be witness of our precious creation.

Nuestra queseria donde elaboramos nuestro queso manchegoMaduración de nuestro queso manchego gourmet

The route continues through the hamlet, patios, outdoor gardens, chapel and cattle facilities; a spectacular journey through the beauty of Las Terceras.

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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