Las Terceras starts the season with a blind tasting

In Las Terceras we have started the year 2020 with a blind tasting of Manchego cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) with the aim of anonymously and truthfully assessing the general aspects of our cheeses, as well as their organoleptic qualities with respect to competing cheeses.

Tasting of Las Terceras Manchego cheese

Specifically, the tasting was carried out of the variety of hard-cured Manchego cheeses made with raw milk, and 7 different cheeses were analyzed in the tasting, comparing each other's external appearance, its aroma, texture, flavor, and also other aspects such as the persistence of cheese and its aftertaste in the mouth.

Catering with Las Terceras Manchego cheeseCatering and tasting cheese

Lunch with Las Terceras cheeseManchego cheese PDO

In the tasting several members of Las Terceras participated as our cheese masters, and also experts from the cheese sector such as Dr. Mario Román Esteban, to guide us in the understanding and analysis of the different cheeses.

Tast and score of our Manchego cheeseLas Terceras manchego cheese DOP

Tasting cheeseManchego cheese DOP

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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