Bocadillo de secreto de cerdo con queso manchego artesano Las Terceras

Baguette filled with Iberian pork fillet and Las Terceras Manchego Cheese P.D.O.

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We cut the onion in small pieces and we put it in a pan with a little oil over medium heat. When it starts to take colour we add 2 tbsp of sugar, preferably brown sugar, and we mix it without removing it from the fire. If we add a few drops of balsamic vinegar will have a special touch. When the onion takes the most intense golden color, we turn off the heat and reserve.

Then we grill the iberian pork fillet previously spiced to taste.

Once we have all the ingredients ready, we fill the bread with caramelized onions and cherry tomatoes on it cut in half, the iberian pork fillet and some wedges of Las Terceras semi-cured manchego cheese. Bon Appetite!

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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