Cream cheese toast with raspberries

Cream cheese toast with raspberries

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  • 200 gr. Becerril tender cheese
  • 150 ml. whipping cream (36-38%)
  • 100 ml. sheep Milk
  • 2 sheets of gelatin
  • Seed bread toasts
  • Raspberries


We grate the Becerril tender cheese. In a saucepan, mix the cheese, the milk and the cream and heat over low heat, stirring constantly. Once the cheese has mixed well, remove the mixture from the heat and beat it with the blender. We add two gelatin sheets previously soaked with cold water and mix again. Reserve half an hour in the fridge. Finally, we spread the toast with the cream cheese and decorate them with raspberries. We can add a touch of cinnamon to complete.

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