Las Terceras Manchego Cheese Cookies

Las Terceras Manchego Cheese Cookies

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  • 75 gr. cornstarch (corn flour)
  • 150 gr. wheat flour
  • 100 gr. butter (room temperature)
  • 250 gr. Grated Las Terceras cheese
  • 83 gr. pecorino yogurt
  • Salt, pepper, nutmeg


We mix all the ingredients, make a ball, roll it in plastic wrap and store it for 30 min. in the fridge. After this time, we take the dough out of the refrigerator and, with the help of a rolling pin, we stretch it on a baking sheet. With the help of cookie molds in the way we want, cut the cookies and varnish them with egg yolk. We put the cookies in the oven previously heated to 180º for 12 minutes. They can be removed when they are golden brown. Let cool or eat hot.

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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