Sushi Con Queso Las Terceras

Sushi with Manchego Cheese Las Terceras

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Wash the rice with running water until there is no more starch coming out of it. Then drain the rice and let it dry. Meanwhile, we cut the bluefin tuna, the butter fish and the semi-cured cheese Las Terceras in elongated strips.

Take the rice and place it gently in a pot, add a little bit more water than rice. Boil the rice over low heat until all the water is absorbed. Remove from the heat and let it rest without removing the lid. While the rice rests, mix in a bowl the rice vinegar, sugar and salt until it dissolves.

After letting the rice rest, we spread it in a flat bowl, pour the mixture over it, and carefully separate the rice with a spoon in order to prevent sticking.

To prepare the makis we will need a kitchen mat. Place the nori seaweed on the mat with the shiny part face down. Gently put the rice ball in the middle of the nori sheet, and start spreading it equally on the nori, creating a layer of rice. Cover almost the entire sheet except the upper margin of about 2 cm that should be kept uncovered in order to close to sushi roll properly.

Place the filling (bluefin tuna, butterfish, Las Terceras manchego cheese and the chive) in the center of the rice. Using the closer edge of the rolling mat, close on the filling with the nori making a cercle and tighten it from above. Move forward, continue rolling keeping it tight with every move until you reach the end of the nori.

Use a wet, sharp knife to cut the roll in to little sushi units. 6-8 units per roll. It is useful to keep the knife wet when in between, that helps cutting through the rice and nori. Serve at room temperature.

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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