Kilometre Zero Manchego Cheese PDO

The high quality of the cheese produced in Las Terceras is made possible due to its traditional, circular and sustainable production, where we are able to closely supervise each and every one of the productive sections of the farm.

The concern of Las Terceras is to offer natural and authentic cheese from within Queso Manchego Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), scrupulously following what they have learned from more than 200 years of cultivating the land, caring for livestock and cheese-making.

The result is these magnificent artesanal kilometer zero cheeses.

In the extensive lands of Las Terceras, the forage and grain that feed their pure “La Mancha” breed sheep, are grown. Their diet is complemented by free grazing, where livestock enjoy wide Meadows, aromatic plants and native wildflowers. This is the only way to ensure that the milk obtained from the daily milking and from which their cheese is made daily, has all the necessary qualities to achieve all the aromas and nuances of flavour that make Manchego cheese one of the most prized cheeses in the world.

Manchego cheese with PDOManchego cheese with PDO
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