Las terceras queso manchego artesano
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Puff pastry cake made of Las Terceras Manchego Cheese


  • A base of puff pastry (round better).
  • Red fruit jam (or any kind of jam that we like).
  • A wedge of Las Terceras semi cured Manchego cheese.
  • Fruit for garnish (blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries …)


Cut the puff pastry into triangles, as similar as possible to the wedge of cheese. Bake it about 200 degrees, 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, remove the crust of Las Terceras cheese and cut the cheese in thin slices as possible with the help of a width grater.

Remove the pastry from the oven, let it cool and then we open it down the middle carefully (it is very simple, it is separated almost by itself). On the basis of the triangle, we put a slice of cheese and then, with a basting brush we spread it with jam (the least possible amount so that the jam does not eclipse the taste of cheese). We repeat the operation for 5 or 6 times. Cover with the other half of the dough.

Finally, serve and enjoy the delicious contrasts of sweet and savory flavor.

Puff pastry cake made of Las Terceras Manchego Cheese