Shearing in Las Terceras

It is time for our sheep friends to go to the hairdresser. Sheep need to cut their wool at least once a year which, in Las Terceras, generally coincides with the arrival of spring due to rising temperatures. In fact, it is usually done during this time because it coincides with the lifting of the wool, which is when the wool begins to detach from the sheep's skin naturally, facilitating the shearing process.

 Las ovejas necesitan cortarse el pelo al menos una vez al año que, en Las Terceras, generalmente coincide con la llegada de la primavera

The wool that covers the body of the sheep is a type of natural fiber. Its function is to protect the animal from cold, parasites and the weather. Formerly, the wool of the sheep had a great economic value, but nowadays the main function of shearing is to improve comfort and preserve the good health of our sheep.

Shearing is one of the trades linked to the oldest rural world and requires a precise technique to perform correctly. The wool must be cut evenly and quickly, so it must be done by expert shearers.

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